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8th Edition & Project Updates

Hello there Xenos, Imperialists, Traitors & Daemons,

I hope all are as excited as I am about the 8th edition of 40k. Long have I been a collector (over a decade now) however, I’ve not been one who has played the actual game much. Partly due to conflicting work schedules and hours of operation of the FLGS, but mainly, due to intimidation of the damned rules.

8th edition has really been a game changer for me. The game play has been made more scalable and modular enabling players to add or reduce as they please. Games can be played using the new power level system which is a rough estimate of the usefulness of a unit in the data sheets allowing players to balance a game without the need to fine tune a match play list where models, attachments and weapons are measured down to the detail. Needless to say, for a lazy guy like me, I plan to take full advantage of this!

Upcoming Projects:

  1. Scenery
    1. I’ve purchased some imperial sector buildings and in the process of completing them to liven up my game board (4×4′ mat from GW)
    2. Complete painting of craters from GW scenery range
    3. Potentially add more scenery depending on how sparce the 4×4′ is looking
  2. Models
    1. Dark Imperium
      1. I’ve yet to even crack this bad boy open – I’ll be likely tackling the Primaris Marines first since I’d like to add them to my Blood Angel’s collection
    2. Blood Angel’s Start Collecting
      1. My Blood Angel’s list is already quite large but the start collecting box was to enticing to pass up when picking up my codex so I bit the bullet and picked it up. I’m a sucker for tactical vanilla space marines and the Baal Predator will make a great addition to my collection.
    3. Tau Stealth Cadre
      1. I have a sizable Tau force (old and new) which requires varying amount of paint stripping and building of newly acquired models. Stealth cadre has the drones, commander and large stealth suit to be finished modelling then its off to painting

The list of work to be done is extensive and I’ve been bouncing around between painting and modelling the new kits, however my priority as it stands is scenery. I’ve made a personal goal to play more games, even if its simply power level games. As a casual war gamer, I’m far more interested in just using my models on a battlefield and admiring mine and my opponents hard work. I couldn’t be bothered with creating competitive lists, I just want to roll dice, drink beer and pray to dice gods.

I’ll leave you below snap shots of my growing forces and projects you can expect to updates on. I’ll be updating instagram more regularly so follow @compaqee_paints if you’d like more regular content and pretty pictures!


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